How are Fees Charged?
Fees are based primarily on time spent on a file by lawyers and law clerks. Time is recorded in units of 1/10 of an hour, at the rate applicable to the person doing the work. Other factors may also affect the fees charged. These include:
  • the complexity and difficulty of the matters
  • whether special skill or service was required
  • the value of the subject matter
  • the results obtained
  • fees authorized by statute or regulation

Can Fees be Fixed?
For some legal services, such as standard real estate transactions, simple incorporations, or wills, we are often able to charge a fixed fee. If complications arise resulting in additional work, this will be charged at the rate applicable to the person doing the work.

How are Hourly Rates Set?
The hourly rates vary depending on the position, expertise, and experience of each lawyer or law clerk.

What about HST?
Legal fees are subject to HST. (13%).

What Services are Included in the Time Spent?
Services that will be recorded as time spent on your file include but are not restricted to:

  • All meetings, telephone calls and emails with you or anyone contacted in connection with your file.
  • Preparation of all required documents including letters, memos, contracts, and claims.
  • Preparation for and attendance at trials, hearings, and proceedings.
  • Travel time if required.
  • All required legal research.
  • Waiting time in court.
  • Reporting to you.
  • Administrative time spent on your file.

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